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Database actualization February 2019

Database of projects ready for RES auction system

On polish RES market there are more and more PV projects. It is connected with renewable energy auction support system.  Majority of PV project is developed for this support system. Total capacity of PV projects which won last auction is estimated on about 500 MW.  According to new project of RES act  total capacity of PV projects from auction in 2019 can reach even 750MW. Taking into account the potential of this market, it is worth looking at both: projects and the  investors behind them. To meet the needs, the Institute of Renewable Energy on the basis of data provided by Distribution Network Operators (DSOs) and public information, has prepared materials giving the most up-to-date picture of the short-term investment potential of photovoltaic technology: database and report  “Photovoltaic Projects in Poland ‘2019”.

In 2018 it was built nearly ten times more PV installations than in previous 2017. In addition in 2017 number of installed PV capacity decreased, in comparison to previous years.  Probably the reason of this decrease is change of the support system from certificates to auction system, which was started in 2016.  Probably in the next few years photovoltaics will be still increasing  on polish renewable energy sources market.

The base prepared by Institute for Renewable Energy contains  specific data about PV projects on Poland. Including information about environmental decisions, building permissions, investors, capacity and exact localization. Recently Institute for Renewable Energy released actualization adding to the base new projects, which came up  from July to October 2018. There is 374 new projects, among them 150 already received connecting conditions.  New projects usually have capacity about 1 MW and they recently received environmental decisions. It indicates that same of those new projects are prepared for RES auction in this year.  Total capacity of new projects is 380 MW.  Besides in the base there are 2000 projects including 383 finished projects and 1800 current projects. Furthermore during actualization Institute added about 50 new investors and found their holding companies. It provides holistic view of investments held by big companies.

If you are interested in detailed information about new, current and finished PV projects and want to purchase  IEO database “Photovoltaic Projects in Poland ’2019” please contact with us:


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